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Frequently Asked Questions

What Services do you offer?

Savvy Eventz offers Wedding Planning, Event Management, Event Design & Styling.

How much is your average event?

Pricing is based on guest count, the experience desired, design of the event, location, and more.  A consultation is required to understand the vision of your event and gather the specifics from you. Please note, event proposals could take up to two weeks depending on the services needed.

What type of events do you service?

We are your one stop shop for all of your event needs. Weddings, Baby Showers, Bridal Showers, Graduation, Corporate, Social, etc.

What happens during a consultation?
  • We will ask questions specifically about your needs, wants, and expectations for the event. 

  • We ask that you come prepared with questions for us. 

  • Open conversation about the event and get to know each other to determine if we are a right fit for each other.

What should an event budget breakdown consist of?

Catering: 25%

The largest portion of your money will be spent in this area. Catering comprises most of the reception experience and typically includes the cocktail hour, main courses, dessert, and the bar. It may be difficult to cut costs here since you want to keep your guests fed, but having good food and drinks is always money well spent.

Venue Rental: 25%

The cost of a venue can vary greatly depending on location, guest count, and reputation. If you choose a popular beachfront chain wedding venue, you will likely pay higher prices, but if you select a locally-owned event hall or restaurant, you can save some money in this category. If you have a backyard wedding, a venue that soared in popularity during 2020, you might not have to factor venue rental into your budget at all.

Photographer: 15%

A good photographer is always worth the cost. You will want someone to capture all of the beautiful memories from the first day of your new life with your partner. Pictures last forever, so make sure you choose a talented photographer who you are excited about.

Rentals: 15%

To provide a custom experience for your it is ideal to rent tables, chairs, certain décor, table linens, napkins, and lighting fixtures. To keep your rental fees to a minimum, you can always unleash your inner artist and create your own decorations, or you can opt for a less expensive rental item, often without sacrificing quality.

Florals: 15%

While it may seem shocking, floral arrangements make up a considerable portion of your event budget. Florals typically include centerpieces and décor. For weddings, florals include bouquets for the bride, her bridesmaids, boutonnieres for the groom, corsages for special guest and more. Since over-the-top floral arrangements are the latest trend, you might want to spend a little less in another category to account for the floral arrangements you want for your event.

Miscellaneous: 5%

Miscellaneous costs can include anything from transportation to welcome bags and party favors. It is important to start thinking about the little details you want to include at your event in the beginning of your planning process, so you can factor these incidental costs into your budget and there won’t be any surprises as your date approaches.


While cost breakdowns can change based on your desires, this budget breakdown by percentages can help you gauge how much you should be spending for your event and help you prepare for your meeting with your event planner, who can ensure that you stick as close to your event budget as possible and who can help you enjoy your event planning process.

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