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How Can I Tell My Guests We Want A Tech-Free Wedding Ceremony

Updated: May 1, 2022

In today’s society people feel the need to capture every moment of their lives with their cell phones and post to social media.

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On a normal day, we get it, but what about when it comes to your Wedding Day? Cell phones can be sort of annoying during the wedding ceremony not only for the couple, but for the photographer you paid good money to capture your day.

If you are unsure on how to make it known you would like a tech-free, we can help. Below are various ways to announce your unplugged ceremony both before and during your wedding day:

Before the day:

Announcement on your wedding website:

Start with their first insight into your wedding – on your website. Here is where you can give them your perspective as to why you wish for an unplugged ceremony.

Wording for wedding programs:

Every guest receives a program before finding their seat – make a short and sweet note inviting them to relax and out down their phones. You can even sweeten them up with offering to share your professional photography photos with them once received

At the wedding:

Unplugged Enforcer:

Need a job for your brother or uncle before the ceremony begins? Assign an “enforcer” to encourage guests to put their phones away. Nothing scary or dramatic, just need to kindly and quietly approach guests with a sweet pre-rehearsed message.

Printable sign:

Place a pretty framed unplugged sign to match your wedding style on the entry table for all guests to see before they fine their seats. You can find tons of examples on pint rest just by searching “unplugged wedding sign.”

Final word – the Officiant:

Your final touch – have your minister announce your tech-free ceremony one more time before the processional begins.

Don’t be afraid to truly be selfish for one day and ask your guests to put their cell phones away. I know your guests may freak out over having to separate with their third eye (aka – cell phone) but kindly remind them that it’s just temporary and they will be given a chance to fully focus on your beautiful union instead of racing to #Instagram every photo. It’s not like you are asking them to leave their phones at home; now that would be rude!


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